Zombie Stocking
Zombie Stocking
Type Villain
Appearance Enemies
First Saga Appeared CarnEvil Saga
Species Human/Angel/Zombie
Fighting Skills N/A
This is a Zombie Version of Stocking Anarchy, who was Infected when a Zombie Peach. Steven Star & Rosa Anarchy was depressed and Anger to see their wife/mother turn into the deadly side, But They promise to Save their mother once they reach the Final Stage to kill Sonic.exe. That is until Rosa cursed controled her Shadow Form in the 2nd Building, Forcing her to Abandon her team to fight off Sonic.exe herself, before Working for him. Sonic.exe was planning on killing Stocking, but Since She's already an Undead, Sonic.exe was planning on making her his bride before He sended out Rosa to Kick Roxie Nickle into Zombie Jimmy and was Force to fight her own Father.