Type Villain
Appearance Main Character
First Saga Appeared Saints Row Saga
Species Alien
Fighting Skills Technology
Original Theme Song:
WoL Theme Song: {{{Wol theme}}}
Zinyak is first introduced in the mission The Saints Wing when he and his Empire begin their attack on Earth. He comes in through the ceiling of the presidents press conference and abducts Kinzie Kensington and then Shaundi before disappearing. He also appears later in the mission in the destroyed gunship where he fights The Protagonist and eventually triumphs over them. After The Protagonist is defeated Zinyak puts them and all their friends into their own simulation based on their worst fears.


  • Teleport - 0 Damage
  • Force Slam - 50 Damage
  • Grab and Slam - 40 Damage
  • Blaster - 60 Damage (Required Mechsuit)
  • C.I.D Time Bomb - 70 Damage (Required Mechsuit)

Super AttacksEdit

  • Mech Suit - ??? Damage

About Him in World of LawlEdit

Similer to the Original, Zinyak took over Earth and Kidnap Almost Everyone and Traping them in their own Nightmare in a Simulation. Even manage to go a bit farther as Destroy Earth and Kidnap Rosa Anarchy and Akiko. The Worst Nightmare that Zinyak Set up was in Steven Simulation where He have to Fight His own Beloved Wife. He was killed by Stocking when the Team manage to break into the Main Control room.

He later returned after Sonic.exe created the Carnevil in the Carnevil Saga. He was the 2nd Challenge Roxie Nickle and Rosa Anarchy had to face where Zinyak trap both of them in a simulation. But when they got out, Zinyak thought it be fun to Taunt them since Roxie was upset. But Rosa(Now Shadow Rosa) killed Zinyak the Same way Stocking did.

Few Years later, He's Secretly Appeared the 3rd time as a Secret Owner of a Place called Familyland. Later it was known to be a Trap as He closed the gate, Locking Steven Star, Fiona Blazela, Fluttershy, Neo, Jimmy and Sayaka Miki(Along with a few others) in the Park. Zinyak later Kidnap Jimmy and Sayaka and announced that the 4 Team had to kill each other in order to get out. But the plan Backfired when Sayaka send out the Smell of Fiona Cakes to the People, causing the Team to break in. Steven Star killed Zinyak in what hopes to be the Final Time.

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