Thomas Francis
Gammabot Revived
Thomas Francis
Type Hero
Appearance Main Hero/Side Hero
First Saga Appeared Lord Ra Saga
Species Human/Demon
Fighting Skills Swordsman
Original Theme Song:  ???
WoL Theme Song: {{{Wol theme}}}


  • ??? - ??? Damage

Super Attacks

  • ??? - ??? Damage

About Him/Her in World of Lawl

From one of the Defender of New Hectare City to Villains for Lord Ra. Thomas manage to gone through A lot over the Years. He used to be loved by his Father until that Day when Rosa absorb Alduin Powers, Causing the Shadows(including Rosa) to be Extinct. He served Lord Ra for a Long Time until Lord Ra Betrayed him in the End. After Rosa was Freed from Lord Ra, Thomas and Rosa returned to Being Good, but Also go on a Secret Date. Brute Amy Rose is the Only Who still have a Deep Hate for Thomas for Almost Killing her Creator.

In the Saints Row II Saga, Thomas manage to try to Comfort Rosa after the Devastated of her Mother from the Ronin Leader Jyunichi. He also learned that Rosa was also Pregnant with Twin, Which manage to make Thomas Happy. In Result of Them not only Moving Together, Thomas also Proposed to Rosa 2 Days after Steven Star and Fionia Blazela Wedding. *Read Blog Here: *

After Stocking and Rosa Anarchy suicidal death, Bruce BlazeStar tried to make Thomas more stronger with Kenchia & Stephanie to fight the returning Trace Sky & Amerila Rose.

Thomas eventually dated and feel in love with Maori Kasuga and made love to her. He spend his days filled for his father to stop his insanity of seeing people dying.

When George and Bruce II meet once more, he almost killed Bruce II, but saved him by getting stab. He was wounded, but not died. He say that he saw Jacker and mention that Invaded Cults can't died, but leaves them original body if they get too much damage. He raise once more. But the bad part, he can't until he died of old ages, meaning that he can't said Rosa ever again. But it didn't matter, as no only is Maori's pregnant, but also his daughter.

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