Shadow Rosa
Shadow Rosa
Type Hero (Star Family Control)/Villain (Control by Lord Ra)
Appearance Power Form/Side Villain
First Saga Appeared CarnEvil Saga
Species Human/Angel/Shadow
Fighting Skills Swords(Wo)mans
Original Theme Song: Good/Evil
WoL Theme Song: {{{Wol theme}}}


  • Shadow Star Slice - 80 Damage
  • Shadow Kick - 80 Damage
  • Shadow Speed Slice - 75 Damage
  • Shadow Stab - 90 Damage
  • Shadow Punch - 80 Damage
  • Shadow Ball - 80 Damage 

Super AttacksEdit

  • Super Shadow Ball - 200 Damage

About Her in World of LawlEdit

She is Rosa Anarchy Shadow Form that She learned from her Father: Steven Star, Incase there is someone Too Powerful for her to face in Normal Form. She use it to take out Diablo and Prana Army.

In the CarnEvil Saga, The Power She have turned into a Curse when Prince Mask took over her Body and trying to Build her Rage to turn into this Form. She change when Zinyak taunted her and Roxie Nickle, Forcing her to Mercylessly Beat up Zinyak and Killed him the Same way Stocking did in the Zinyak Saga. But Losing Control of it, Forcing her to find to take out Sonic.exe Alone, only to work for him as the 5th Boss. Steven had no choice but to turn into his Ultimate Form and Fight Rosa in a Battle They never wanted to be in. Luckly that Cyclone manage to have a Orb to bring their good memorie back. Rosa kept on trying to fight off the Dark Part of her Mind which is trying to Control her, but Steven manage to use his mother kiss on Rosa which turned her normal and in control. Both Wish they would never each other again. But the Curse is still taking over Rosa.

Later Steven and Stocking took Rosa to the Professinal Hospital where Unknown Lester and CR-S01. After a While of Stress and Worrying, Sweat and Fear, Rosa Curse was Clear. Rosa was Happy the She will no longer attack her Family again. Stocking however is looking for killing Prince Mask for giving her the Curse in the First Place.

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