Saints Row II Saga
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Type Main Story
Main Boss Jyunichi
Based Off Saints Row II

About ThisEdit

Stocking had Just been Kidnapped by Vice Kings and Ronins, and it Up to Steven and the Others to Save her before It too late.

What HappenEdit

It started off as a Stocking, Jimmy and Bubbyaustin doing Nothing but Eating Snacks. As Stocking was Passing out some Snack, She notice a Man name Warren Williams. He look like a Random Guy, until He punched Stocking Stomach and Took her to the Vice Kings Mansion. As Soon Jimmy and Bubbyaustin about to Attack him, Other Members of the Vice Kings Came by and Try to Shoot down the Others. Luckily with Jimmy Flame Club and Bubbyaustin Hand Claws, They manage to Fight on inside the Vice King Mansion. But when They got inside, They see the Whole Place Swarming with Vice Kings, and Began Shooting at the two. Fate was Glad when the Two see Steven Star(The Vice Kings/Ronin Main Target) arrive and Use his Dark Steven Form, and Wipe out Every Last Vice Kings, Leaving Warren Williams left alive. After Steven took down Warren Williams, Warren told Steven that He already sold Stocking to the Ronin Leader: Jyunichi. Warren also told him that They took her back to Her House, Which is Surrounded by Ronins. more TBA


At Stocking Funeral, Where Rosa was upset for her Mother Lost. Some of the People ask Rosa what She were doing at the House in the First Place. The Answer was that Rosa announced that She was Pregnant(with Twins). Luckily Thomas manage to cheer her up and Told her that Having Twins can brighten there day. Unfortally, All was not Well for others considering Joseph leave the Saints to avoid Death and More Gang. Fate somehow Change on Everyone when Not Rosa and Thomas own a House back at New Hectare City, but Also the Fact that Yumi manage to be Revived by Stocking Spirit(Even thou Jimmy was bittersweet of this for a brief moment), Johnny Gat get a Job as One of the Protector of New Hectare City, and the Fact that at Dec.26.2013: Rosa and Thomas got Married.





  • This is the Only RP where Stocking Death is Permanent.
  • This is announced that It Only for the ChatRoom, Showing Stocking can still do some stuff, Just not Chat Anymore consider That now passed down to Rosa Anarchy.
  • There also a Bonus Scene that Only Appear in Rosa and Steven P.Chat where Steven see Stocking in Heaven with Rosa Star, Bruce Shader, ect.