Rosa Anarchy
Older Rosa Anarchy
Type Hero
Appearance Main Character
First Saga Appeared Alduin Saga
Species Human/Angel/Shadow
Fighting Skills Swordsman
Original Theme Song:
WoL Theme Song: {{{Wol theme}}}


  • Mother's Blade - 70 Damage
  • Dropkick - 80 Damage
  • Speed Slice - 75 Damage
  • Shadow Stab - 150 Damage (Required Shadow Rosa)
  • Shadow Punch - 100 Damage (Required Shadow Rosa) 

Super Attacks

  • Shadow Rosa - ??? Damage

About Her in World of Lawl

Rosa is the Daughter of Steven Star and Stocking Anarchy. Some would Say Her destiny is to Keep the Star Family Name Alive and Strong. She started off as a Cute Child with No Powers and No Fighting Skills, That is until Hades challage her to See if She have what it take to be a Demon Slayer. Stocking manage to Train her for Days to fight off any Enemies like Vikke the Heavy Metal Zombie Viking and Black Bull. Few Month Later, When Steven and Stocking were killed by Sonic.exe, She agreed to stay with Ralph Star, Blazela, Bruce BlazeStar and Kenchia. Later on Agreed to Go Back in Time to Stop Sonic.exe from Killing her Family. Now the She's Older, Her Quest will be Harder, but She'll alway be Prepared for Battle.

Story Appear in

Main Story

  • Alduin Saga (as a Baby)
  • Saints Row Saga (Kidnapped by Zinyak)

Side Story

  • Hades Saga (Main Character)

What If Story

  • N/A

Friends and Enemies

Family Member