Richter Blazela
Richter blazela by stevenstar777-d7xtml0
Type Hero
Appearance Side Character
First Saga Appeared Sheezus Saga
Species Human
Fighting Skills Swordsman
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  • ??? - ??? Damage

Super AttacksEdit

  • ??? - ??? Damage

About Him in World of LawlEdit

Richter Blazela is the over-protection younger brother of Fiona Blazela. He's unlike her older sister, he's bitter and serious over other like Steven Star. He was later killed by Ellis Lostness while training with Bruce BlazeStar.

In Rosa Saga, Fiona mention about Richter and how she miss him in Young Rosa.

In a Bonus Scene in the Saints Row II Saga after Stocking Death, Richter also came in Steven had a dream with Stocking and his fallen family.

Now revived with Stocking, Richter no longer trust Steven and think he toss Fiona with his revived wife like he own "sex toy" and go after Ralph Star, but was stopped by Los Santos Triads, who knows the Ronins, and later Sheezus.

After the death of Flame Princess, Richter killed Amy because of her creation like Brute Amy Rose and Stockingnator always ended up against the group. He mention that the reason to his action was because Panty blamed his family to making her sister and niece commit suicide and make a deal to fight in Pyrrha's Harbor. Richter and Panty has a brutal battle, but Connor Jigsaw and the rest of people who work with Trace Sky stop it, deflecting Richter but killed Panty as a result.

Richter did recover, but sworn to find anything that Amy Rose and Medic made before them death and destroy it all as a punishment for Brute Amy Rose destroying his great-greatfather, Henry Blazela, was destroyed. And thank to the Los Santos Triads blaming the Saints for the The Star Family-nator, he can't trust Johnny Gat, focusing he to pay up to the damage and gave him one last warming before he have him and his cast hanged up.

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