Passionates Street is the west area of New Hectare City. This area when forget several years after Evil Steven blow the Street up using a bomb. When Fiona was cast with Trace Sky's sleeping curse, Bruce and his father's friends went into Passionates Street with the intent to overthrow Trace Sky and saved her, as well as help Shad Irvin and his gang to avenger them love once and place them soul into rest. This area is home to Toxic Shanks and Blood Fang Wolfs, who run this area. Along side, them along Macintosh and The Electric Hellspawn, dangerous roller bladers, monstrous trucks, heavy weapon machine and a popular of Bloody Falcons appear.


Ratio TowersEdit

Destroyed AreaEdit

Blood ChaseEdit

Trace Sky's StatusEdit

Subway StopEdit

Booker's GirlsEdit

Area 69Edit

Electrocution BarsEdit

Madness's Extreme RoadEdit

Wolfs ArenaEdit

Toxic RoutesEdit

Trace's KingdomEdit

It's not really a kingdom, it's a unfinished construction site that was turn into a area where the main boss can mandate a test in which one tries to keep a lighter lit for 24 hours and became one of them or him/her will died.

People who lived in Passionates StreetEdit

  • Shad Irvin
  • Kenji Irvin
  • Max Waker
  • Lloyd Arcs
  • Jonathan Pegasus
  • Lucas Windblade
  • Leone Alpha
  • Chase Wolf
  • Conner Jigsaw
  • Jean Hunter
  • Maria
  • Macintosh Electrocution
  • Charles Quote
  • Dynamo James
  • Adam Jackson
  • Levin Madness
  • Mug Solid
  • Margret Quinn
  • Forbid Feast
  • Father Vladuim Twilight
  • Clayton Derek
  • Trace Sky