"So, what now?" -NeoLordKefka's basic phrase whenever an adventure ends

Type Hero
Appearance Main(ish) Character
First Saga Appeared  ???
Species Black Mage
Fighting Skills Magic/Various Weapons
Original Theme Song:
WoL Theme Song: TBA


  • Level One Spell (Fire/Thunder/Blizzard/Quake/Stone/Water/Aero/Dark/Leaf) - ??? Damage
  • Level Two Spell (Fira/Thundara/Blizzara/Quakra/Stonera/Watera/Aerora/Darkra/Leafra) - ??? Damage
  • Level Three Spell (Firaga/Thundaga/Blizzaga/Quaga/Stonega/Waterga/Aeroga/Darkaga/Leafaga) - ??? Damage

Super AttacksEdit

  • Level Four Spell (Firaja/Thundaja/Blizzaja/Stoneja/Waterja/Aeroja) - ??? Damage

Other ThemesEdit

VS Theme (1) -

VS Theme (2) -

VS Theme (3) -

Black Magic Tutorial -

About Him in World of LawlEdit

NeoLordKefka (often referred to as "Neo") is a Black Mage who lives in the woods on the outskirts of town, alone except for his pet jackal named Sparta. Despite his lonesome living state, he does enjoy socializing, while being somewhat bad at it.

Neo is also quite mentally odd as well, as he is friends with various Creepypasta characters, especially Eyeless Jack and SCP-049, not to mention how downright crazy he can be and his sense of both humor and dark humor. This could also be a result of his Black Mage heritage and natural gift of inflicting pain to those who oppose him. Regardless, He is very kind and helpful to his friends and allies. But sadly he died of unknown circumstances.


Main StoryEdit

  • ???

Side StoryEdit

  • ???

What If StoryEdit

  • ???

Friends and EnemiesEdit

Family MembersEdit




  • Unlike a traditional Black Mage, Neo's visible eyes are hazel-colored rather than yellow, but also change color based on emotion.
    • Hazel is Neo's normal eye color.
    • Red indicates anger.
    • Yellow indicates happiness.
    • Blue indicates sadness.
    • Pink indicates love.
    • Orange indicates disappointment.
    • Violet indicates annoyance.
    • Green indicates being tired.
    • Cyan indicates being inquisitive.
    • Light yellow indicates surprise.
    • Light red indicates embarrasment.
    • Light blue indicates calmness.
    • Light violet indicates worrying.
    • Light orange indicates boredom.
    • Light green indicates confusion.
    • Dark red indicates temporary psychopathy.
    • Dark yellow indicates excitement.
    • Dark blue indicates nervousness.
    • Dark orange indicates panicking.
    • Dark green indicates hunger.
    • Dark violet indicates relief.
    • White indicates fear or shock.
    • Grey indicates possession.
    • Magenta indicates "yandere mode".
    • Chartreuse indicates "tsundere mode".