Queen Mileena
Type Villain
Appearance Side Villain
First Saga Appeared Mortal Kombat Saga
Species Human/Tarkatan
Fighting Skills Swords(Wo)man
Original Theme Song:
WoL Theme Song: {{{Wol theme}}}
Mileena is a clone of Kitana, created by Shang Tsung's sorcery in his flesh pits for Shao Kahn, using Tarkatan physiology. Vicious and evil, she despises Kitana, and feels that it is her own right to rule Edenia as Princess in her place. Her fondest wish is to kill her "sister", and claim her existence for her own. Something of an opportunist, she will make use of any chance to seize power that comes within her hands.


  • Sai Shoot - 70 Damage
  • Teleport Kick - 80 Damage

Super AttacksEdit

  • Head for Dinner - 400 Damage

About Her in World of LawlEdit

She's a Blood Hungry Beast with a Mission to Serve under Shao Kahn. She try to Keep Kitana under Shao Kahn Spell, but Failed when Steven Star took her out. Unlike Jade who was killed, Mileena was only stunned and was force to tell What happen, before Knocking out Steven and Escaping, Making Kitana fellow her.

Some say She was killed by Kitana when We hear She joined the Out of this World Team with George L. Anarchy.

Howeven since Time Changed, She was still alived but much like Kitana, She was turned into a infant on the same day Kitana was changed. This time by Claws Vesa who helped Yin & Goromon get a child. When Yin and Goromon was killed, She was later adopted by Lilly Vesa.

She also have a crush on Killer Bug.

Story Appear inEdit

Main StoryEdit

  • Mortal Kombat Saga

Side StoryEdit

  • N/A

What If StoryEdit

  • N/A

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