Lord Ra Saga
Lord Ra Saga
Type Main Story
Main Boss Lord Ra
Based Off N/A

About thisEdit

When the Shadow are Extinct, Lord Ra Army have tooken over the World with Thomas Francis. It Up to our Heroes to Fight off Lord Ra and his Minions to Save Earth Once More.

What HappenedEdit



Once Lord Ra had Puked out all the Shadow, Steven manage to tell Rosa the Way to the Ultimate Shadow Form. Combining 6 Blades into her, She become Darkness Rosa(Stronger and More Control then Shadow Rosa). She use her Power to Take out Lord Ra while Masked Pope regain his Power. She finish off Lord Ra with the Ultimate Darkness Ball mixed with Masked Pope Skull Blast. Lord Ra was dead. Once Everyone return, They see the Death of Stocking, Amy and Thomas. Luckily, Stockgil know a Spell to Revived the 3 before He vanish. There was only One thing left do now: The Wedding of Jimmy and Flame Princess(Aka Mr. and Mrs. Flame).



Johnny Gat's TeamEdit

Killed by ThomasEdit

  • Some Fire Soldiers
  • Amy Rose (Sliced in Half)
  • Yumi (Beheaded from Behind)

In Torture RoomEdit