Lord Darkar Saga
Type Main Story
Main Boss Lord Darkar
Based Off Winx Club

About ThisEdit

After the events of the Robo Malkor Saga, Deker flashbacks finn saying that Deker is evil but Deker said that theres more evil then him, Lilly is still sad about abby's death and Ed and Eddy make a scam but some talking cow name ben comes in and Eddy is shocked thats there's a talking cow but ed said that ben is a cool talking, Lord Darkar see Ben and the Eds and said that two old friends are come for Ben and The Eds 

What HappenedEdit

Ed and Eddy and Ben are shocked to see malkor back and abby turn evil and Lord Darkar fights Eddy and Malkor and Abby fights Ed and Ben but Ed and Ben and Eddy defeats them and Eddy go to get pizza for him


After Lord Darkar defeat some robot by the name professor cog comes in at the subway making him a new villain to The Eds and There friends




  • Locus (Picture for Lilly dart board)
  • Deker (in the intro of the Lord Darkar Saga)
  • Finn (Flashback)
  • Professor Cog (in the ending of The Darkar Lord)