Kenji Irvin
Type Unknown
Appearance Unknown
First Saga Appeared Unknown

About Him in World of LawlEdit

Due to his tragic past, Kenji Irvin tries to hide his emotions from everyone around him. Forced to live a reclusive life after killing the Toxic Shanks for killing the people he care about, even his family, Kenji maintain the look of a strict and mature man who can deal with whatever situation is bought upon him, employing harsh life-threatening training for those who want to follow him.

He lived in Passionate Street with his son, Shigechi "Shad" Irvin, to put his wife's soul in peace from Conner Jigsaw, as well as Chase Wolf who was killed by him. After him sworn enemies was kill, Kenji could live him life like before, but never got re-married.

However, when Hades revived Conner and his friend in Return to Jacker Saga, Kenji join Jimmy and F.P. to killed him, Trace Sky, and Amerila Rose. When Amerila get on her new plan, Kenji begin fighting her and eventually killing her. But forget about Conner, which he later made up by killing him again in Richter Saga.

However, he would never rest until Conner's name is erase. Even training Steve Smith after Akiko's death.

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Family MemberEdit

  • Unknown Wife (Deceased)
  • Unknown Father (Deceased)
  • Unknown Mother (Deceased)
  • Unknown Four Sons (Deceased)
  • Shad Irvin (Son)