Type Villain
Appearance Main Villain
First Saga Appeared Saints Row II Saga
Species Human
Fighting Skills Swordsman
Original Theme Song:
WoL Theme Song:
Jyunichi is the second-in-command and chief enforcer of The Ronin. He is a tall young man with a muscular body. His head is always shaven and he has numerous Japanese-style tattoos on several parts of his body. Jyunichi is very skilled in sword fighting, to the extent that he can effectively wield Dual Samurai Swords and never uses a gun. He also has a great sense of honor, and practices strict temperance against hedonism. Jyunichi is very loyal and respectful to almost all Ronin members who possess a higher ranking than him. The only exception would be Shogo Akuji, who aside from being an ineffective leader, lacks the honor, valor, and discipline Jyunichi expects one in Shogo's position to have.


  • Sword Slice - 90 Damage

Super AttacksEdit

  • Stab through the Heart - 400 Damage

About Him in World of LawlEdit

He is the Leader of the Ronin Army. He was told to "Take Care" of Stocking by the Vice Kings after They Kidnap her. He kept Stocking tied up in the Chair and wait for the Perfect Time to End her.

When Steven and the Others Came in, Stocking warn them that It was a Trap, Which Cause Jyunichi to Stab Stocking's Angel Heart. As Stocking's Chest Bleed in Pain, Jyunichi take the Blade out of Stocking Chest and Get Ready to Fight off Steven Star.

In the End, Jyunichi was Stab and Frozen by Steven Frozen Blade, and was Shattered into Pieces, Ending his life Before Stocking gave Steven her Final Words.

In Actraiser Saga, he appears brefly as Tanzra' Soul, along with Amerila Rose and Lord Ra , where get fused by Tanzra to become stronger.

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