Hideki Yoshida
Hideki Yoshida
Type Hero
Appearance Cameo Character
First Saga Appeared Samurai Shodown Saga
Species Human
Fighting Skills N/A
Original Theme Song: N/A
WoL Theme Song:
Hideki Yoshida is the father of Toshi and Akiko and husband of Hiko Yoshida.

In "May the Best Stan Win", the boys find his sex doll which he allows them to take to remake the movie Mannequin.

Roger and Stan take their idea for "Male Stripper Shoes" to Mr. Yoshida to get funding for their idea in "National Treasure 4: Baby Franny: She's Doing Well: The Hole Story". He agrees to bankroll their idea on the condition that they kill his wife but they find they are unable to do it. They later spot an ad for their shoes and find he has stolen their idea.



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About Him in World of LawlEdit

Long Ago, He was a Warrior who went Face to Face against Zankuro Minazuki in a War. While Hideki was defeated, He wasn't killed.

But after Zankuro returned, He was in Deep Depression after her Daughter was killed off.

He later on gave her boyfriend: Steve Smith, his sword that was used in the War against Zankuro. Hoping He use it to avenge his fallen daughter.

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Family MemberEdit

  • Hiko Yoshida (His Wife)
  • Toshi Yoshida (His Son)
  • Akiko (His Daughter)


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