Forbid Feast
Forbid Feast
Type Villain
Appearance Main/Side Villain
First Saga Appeared Forbid Feast Saga
Species Human
Fighting Skills Giant Fork and Knife
Original Theme Song:
WoL Theme Song: {{{Wol theme}}}


  • ??? - ??? Damage

Super AttacksEdit

  • ??? - ??? Damage

About Him in World of LawlEdit

Forbid Feast is the Cannibal Friend of Trace Sky and his Army. Almost similar to Jean Hunter, He also crave females, but unlike him, Forbid rather kidnap them and served them to himself or anyone like him.

Right now He planning to cook Stocking Anarchy II if George L. Anarchy and the others don't bring Trace Sky back and Turn themselves in.

Forbid Feast later came out with the Plan to Send Amy-Nator to Destroy the Statue of Steelport after the Prototype was Defeated. George L. Anarchy and David BlazeStar break into his Mansion and He get his Giant Fork and Knife out and Ready to Battle.

He was killed when David stab his Stomach, Making George free Stocking II from being Roasted.

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Side StoryEdit

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