Bruce BlazeStar II
Bruce Shador III
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About Him in World of LawlEdit

Bruce Jr. (or most Bruce Shador the III) is the oldest of the six children from Bruce BlazeStar and Kenchia. Like Richter Blazela, he's bitter and serious over other, but is also against the Saints for them actions, especially in Rosa Anarchy's children. He's ambitious, narcissistic, arrogant and megalomaniac, and will do anything to get what he wants, since he is the strongest out of his brothers and sisters. Bruce II frequently bullied and upstaged his younger siblings in order to place himself in a better position to obtain the Blazela family fortune.

After the day George and Stocking II came back, Bruce II start deresperting his family and murdering one of Stocking II's pokemon. Because George think he going to work for Trace, they started Fight when with ending when Ellis Lostness drain their power to turn them normal. George keep his power, but Bruce II's power was taking away by his father. Being enraged, his said he want Bruce to killed himself like Rosa did and brutally hit Flutter.

Richter mention that after fighting George, Bruce III ran away from home and never come back away. But when Amy-Nator was about to set the bomb, he destroy her bomb as Black Magna Bruce and set her into spaces.

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