Real Amy-Nator
Type Villain
Appearance (Mainish)Side Villain
First Saga Appeared Forbid Feast Saga
Species Android
Fighting Skills Technology
Original Theme Song:
WoL Theme Song: {{{Wol theme}}}


  • ??? - ??? Damage

Super AttacksEdit

  • ??? - ??? Damage

About Her in World of LawlEdit

Amy-Nator is an Android Nator Version of Amy Rose made by Trace Army(Jean Hunter, Forbid Feast, etc.). Her Mission is to Destroy the Stillport Statue and End the Saints Fame and Trust of Everyone. All while Stocking Anarchy II in Forbid Feast Kitchen.

Amy-Nator Prototype

A Prototype Version of Amy-Nator that might be use to fool the Team.

As the Team set off to Fight Forbid Feast, a Prototype was made to Hold the Team for a little bit. She was stopped by George and the Team Teleported. The Prototype later self destruct after giving the Signal to the Team. The Real Amy-Nator later on was Launch and Heading to Steelport.

It was about to Self Destruct until it was Stopped by Bruce BlazeStar II. Amy-Nator was Destroy and is now Floating in Space.

Some would say it Crashed on Mars, Where is might be found by a Returning Fallen Foe

Story Appear inEdit

Main StoryEdit

Side StoryEdit

  • ???

What If StoryEdit

  • ???

Friends and EnemiesEdit

Family MemberEdit

  • Trace Sky Army (She was Created by them)