Type Villain
Appearance Main Character
First Saga Appeared Alduin Saga
Species Shadow/Dragon
Fighting Skills Fire-Breathing
Original Theme Song: 1 or 2
WoL Theme Song:

Alduin (also called the World Eater and the Nordic God of Destruction) is a dragon and primary antagonist in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.

He was first removed from Tamriel through the last resort of the ancient Nord heroes who used an Elder Scroll to force Alduin to become lost in time and hopefully never return. Instead, he was sent forward to the Fourth Era, to the timeline of events in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. Alduin's triumph would ensure Nirn's destruction.


  • Fire Breathing - 60 Damage
  • Bite - 70 Damage
  • Air Blast - 70 Damage

Super AttacksEdit

  • Tail Attack - 100 Damage
  • Fog of the Dead - 0 Damage

About Him in World of LawlEdit

He's is the Creator of the Shadow Realm and the Shadow People(Demitri, Maxwell, ect.). The Story said if Anyone Kill Alduin, All the Shadow will be killed off as Well. When Stocking was Facing Alduin on top of the Mountain Base, She was Worried about Losing her Family, which Make her lose her Energy in Battle. After Losing to much, Alduin pierce his Tail at Stocking Heart, Killing her in the Process. Luckly Sandvich33 and a Few Other(Including Amy Rose in a Demonic Form) went back in Time to Stop Alduin, Only to see instead of Slaining him, Alduin fleed the Scene, only Injuring Stocking instead of Killing Her.

Few Days Pass and After Night of Training, Stocking and Steven mastered a Spell to Banish Alduin to the Realm of Nothingness. But Alduin plan on Revenge as He send his Dragon to Kidnap Stocking and trap her with a Wizard name Nahkriin. He plan on Stabbing Stocking in the Heart to feed her Soul to Alduin, but was Stopped by Steven Star after He took out the New Order.

At the Savngarde, Our Hero face Alduin in a Epic Battle. Once Alduin was Weaken and Brutaly Beaten, Stocking cast the Banish Spell at Alduin, Sending him to the Realm of Nothingness, Where He spend the Rest of his life alone and defeated.

Few Years Later, He was Free out of the Realm of Nothingness in exchange to Freeing Stocking Anarchy the 2nd and George Anarchy after Zankuro Minazuki was killed by Nakoruru. But After He was freed, He won't remember about Stocking and her Death, as well as Living his entire life in the Shadow World.
New Gen Alduin

Next Generation Alduin

Story Appear inEdit

Main StoryEdit

  • Alduin Saga
  • Saints Row Saga (as a Skeleton in Stocking Simulation)

Side StoryEdit

  • N/A

What If StoryEdit

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