Akiko Yoshida
Type Hero
Appearance Side Character
First Saga Appeared Saints Row Saga
Species Human
Fighting Skills N/A
Original Theme Song:
WoL Theme Song:
Akiko is the younger (but secretly older) sister of Toshi Yoshida. Unlike Toshi Akiko can speak english perfectly. She first appeared in the episode "American Dream Factory" when she tried out to be in Steve's band. Her next appearance was in "Weiner of Our Discontent" where she translated for Toshi. The animators aged her up for this appearance, and she's remained with that design since. In "Best Little Horror House in Langley Falls" it is revealed that Toshi is very protective of her. After Steve tells Toshi the effects it's having on her life however, he eases up.



About Her in World of LawlEdit

Aside from Being a Close Friend of Stocking Anarchy, She have a Job being the Babysitter of Rosa Anarchy. She usally have Fun with Rosa back then, Except when Zinyak kidnapped the Both of them. Luckly They were saved by Steven and Stocking.

Everything was going Fine after that day, until Hades challege Rosa to fight off his Demons Warrior for her Soul. Feeling Depress, Jimmy manage to cheer Akiko up, Resalting her to get a New Job Babysitting Yummy.

In the Lord Ra Saga after the Shadow were Extinct, Akiko was forced to Switch Job from a Babysitter to a Bar Tender in a Smelly Diner that serve Normal Food and People Parts. When Johnny Gat arrived at the Diner, Akiko didn't started off believing that His Plan was gonna work. But right until Gat gotten some People, Akiko manage to Agreed to Join on the Plan as well.

While Akiko is not Dead, She seem to be Never Heard from Again. But after Stocking Anarchy the 2nd and George Anarchy was born, Akiko later on Agreed to Babysit again.

To think All was ok for Akiko, a Monster name Zankuro Minazuki broke in after Sayaka Miki asked Akiko to babysit. But as Akiko was gonna Protect the Twins, Zankuro grabbed her and Decapitated her infront of her Boyfriend: Steven Smith, Ending Akiko life. Zankuro reason for killing Akiko was to get Revenge against Hideki Yoshida for trying to Kill him Long Ago.

She was later Revived in the Piraka Chaos Saga after Piraka Chaos was killed and Minion and Trace Sky was inprison.

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