Actraiser Saga
Type Main Story
Main Boss Tanzra
Based Off Actraiser

About ThisEdit

Is been a few years after Stocking and Rosa Anarchy suicidal death, Amy Rose killed by Richter, Panty being murdered by Conner, F.P. was killed by Brute Amy Rose when she was Amerila Rose, Brute Amy Rose gets killed when her Gem is destroyded, Medic gets killed by Sheezus and Akiko gets decapitated by Zankuro, The Master must save their souls by the hands of Tanzra, who's behind all of this chaos and defeat him.

What HappenedEdit

It begins with a Random Angel calling The Master for a emergency, he then goes to God. God says to him that Tanzra is behind all of this chaos, The Master's objective is to revived the desceaded heroes and defeat Tanzra, he falls into the Earth like a Meteor, then he saw Sonic.exe in the forest, who's brought back to life by Tanzra, he can't fight alone, until John, Mitsurugi and Stan Smith comes and John impales Sonic.exe's stomach with his hand, they saw a portal, where they got taken to Tanzra's Dimension, Tanzra himself talk to the Heroes, 6 of The Villains will be defeated in each Dimension Saga to reach Tanzra. After 6 of the Villains defeated and returned to Tanzra's Dimension, they finally battling and defeating Tanzra. But no, Tanzra came back in his true form and trapped the heroes into the cage (Excluding The Master).


Tanzra grabs The Master and explains to him that he will conquer the world, later the universe and Heaven. But The Master becames angry. He runs towards Tanzra, jumps in Mid-Air and slices Tanzra's heart in half at Light Speed, killing him for good. Later, he and the heroes where teleported back the Earth with all of desceaded friends ressurected (Including The Hot Dog Guy). At Heaven, The Master is now promoted as the fifth protector of Heaven.